Breakfast Menu

  • Our Breakfast Selection

    "All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast."  John Gunther

  • Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs, Pear Tree Hermanus

    Creamy Scrambled Eggs with chives on toasted Ciabatta

    • R40

    Creamy scrambled eggs with chives on toasted Ciabatta served with slivers of smoked salmon and capers.



  • Eggs Benedict, Pear Tree Bistro

    Eggs Benedict with Crispy Bacon

    • R85

    Two poached eggs, crispy bacon or salmon, wilted spinach, cherry tomato, truffle hollandaise on toasted ciabatta

  • Pear Tree Breakfast

    • R85

    Topped with crispy bacon and grilled cherry tomatoes, baby spinach and soft scrambled eggs, ciabatta.

  • Fritatta (Open Baked Omelette)

    • R80

    Sesame pork belly, red onions, peppers and goats cheese

  • Veg Fritatta (V)

    • R75

    Sweet potato, beetroot, peppadew pesto and three cheeses

Light Meals

  • Light Meals/Tapas

    "Good food is essential to life - Therefore we make it good!!!"

  • Tempura Prawns

    • R80

    5 Tempura Prawns served with a wasabi mayo

  • Fried Camembert (V)

    • R70

    Balsamic onion, seasonal berries, red pepper syrup

  • Chicken Livers

    • R65

    Onions, cauliflower and blue cheese on toasted ciabatta

  • Fried Calamari Strips

    • R68

    Tender Calamari strips served with home made Tartar sauce and lemon infused salt.

  • Sweet Potato Fries (V)

    • R60

    Tomato and red pepper relish, fried pecorino rind and coriander

  • Grilled Oriental Pork Belly

    • R65

    Tomato Relish and crackling

  • Pulled Lamb and Feta Nachos

    • R85

    Peppadew, cream cheese, salsa, feta and guacamole

  • Grilled Halloumi (V)

    • R65

    Baby Marrow, tomato, butternut, harissa coconut cream

  • Toasted Open Ciabatta Sandwiches served with Chips

    You should never have to look back and think... "I should have eaten that"

  • Pear Tree Bistro, Hermanus

    Paprika spiced Chicken

    • R90

    Goats chees and streaky bacon, tomato red pepper relish, harissa mayo, kale and carrot ribbon

  • Dijon roasted Sirlion Steak

    • R95

    Red wine caramelized onions, blue cheese and fresh rocket.

  • Pulled Lamb and Feta

    • R90

    Served with a beetroot yoghurt and Peppadew Pesto

  • Vegetarian Sandwich (V)

    • R80

    Ribbons of baby marrow, carrots, onion, peppadew cream cheese

  • Healthy and Vegetarian

  • Garden Salad, Pear Tree Bistro, Hermanus

    Garden Salad (V)

    • Small R60
    • Medium R80

    Freshly sourced local greens, Cucumber, Tomato, Peppers, Almonds and Seeds with quinoa and feta. 

  • Pear Tree Beetroot salad

    Salad of Beetroot, Pear Salad and Goats Cheese Mousse (V)

    • R85

    Beetroot and pears, tossed together with goats cheese, pine nuts and drizzled with a tangy honey dressing.

  • Chicken Green Salad

    • R90

    Lemon smoked chicken, seasonal greens, beetroot, quinoa, pecorino rind and chcken crackling

  • Veggie (V)

    • R95

    Smoked mint potato puree, seasonal greens and seeds

  • Smoked Salmon Salad, Pear Tree Bistro Hermanus

    Carrot Smoked Salmon Trout Salad

    • R95

    Garden fresh greens, blue cheese, apples, berries, candied pecan nuts and thinly sliced smoked salmon trout drizzled with our home made secret dressing.